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Fashionable Against the Odds Our shop most popular ATO Magazine with Operation Japan Ichi-Go #52

Against the Odds ATO Magazine #52, with Operation Ichi-Go, Japan


Against the Odds ATO Magazine #52, with Operation Ichi-Go, Japan

Product description

Mag amp; game. Game covers Japan's massive, 1944 offensive thruout China which sought to open a land route across China to Indochina to circumvent the US sub blockade of coastal shipping, eliminate B-29 bases in China, and maybe even knock China out of the war. It was the largest Japanese offensive, with 500,000 troops amp; 800 tanks involved, with the armor concentrated contrary to their norm. They largely succeeded, but American airpower and capture of other island bases largely negated the victory. Includes a hypothetical scenario in which US forces destined to invade the Philippines instead invade much of the Chinese mainland. 2-player game, but includes a full set of solitaire rules in which the player commands Japanese forces. 1mo/turn, div/army level, untried Chinese units, 252 counters. Ty Bomba'20

Against the Odds ATO Magazine #52, with Operation Ichi-Go, Japan

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