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Attention brand Tablet Mini pc Android GPS Gaming Shell Tablets Max 55% OFF Glass

Tablet Mini pc Tablet Android GPS Gaming pc Tablets Glass Shell


Tablet Mini pc Tablet Android GPS Gaming pc Tablets Glass Shell

Product description

1. Operation system: Android 4.4
2. CPU: Allwinner A33 Cortex A7
3. Memory: 1GB DDR3 RAM + 16GB ROM
4. 7 inch IPS screen, 1024*600 pixels resolution, with LED backlight
5. Support WiFi, usb-LAN network card, 4-Directions gravity sensing, external TF card up to 32G(not included)
6. Built-in 3000mAh battery, DC 5V/2A output.
7. 0.3MP front camera + 0.3MP rear camera.

Tablet Mini pc Tablet Android GPS Gaming pc Tablets Glass Shell

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