SMASAMDE Record Gorgeous Display Shelf Holder Disp Vinyl Storage $23 SMASAMDE Record Display Shelf, Vinyl Record Storage Holder, Disp Office Products Office Furniture Lighting Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,,Storage,Holder,,/anelectrotonic437577.html,$23,Disp,Shelf,,Record,Vinyl,Record,SMASAMDE,Display $23 SMASAMDE Record Display Shelf, Vinyl Record Storage Holder, Disp Office Products Office Furniture Lighting SMASAMDE Record Gorgeous Display Shelf Holder Disp Vinyl Storage Office Products , Office Furniture Lighting,,Storage,Holder,,/anelectrotonic437577.html,$23,Disp,Shelf,,Record,Vinyl,Record,SMASAMDE,Display

SMASAMDE Record Gorgeous specialty shop Display Shelf Holder Disp Vinyl Storage

SMASAMDE Record Display Shelf, Vinyl Record Storage Holder, Disp


SMASAMDE Record Display Shelf, Vinyl Record Storage Holder, Disp

Product description


1.Name: Vinyl Record Storage Holder

2.Material: base is pine, board is acrylic

3.Size(about): Acrylic board size is about 7.09*7.09 inch (18*18cm), pine base size is about 13.50*3.54inch(34.3*9cm).

4.Number of grooves: 17 on both sides of the base

5.Net weight: about 540g (one set)

Packing List:

2*Pine Base

2*Acrylic Board

SMASAMDE Record Display Shelf, Vinyl Record Storage Holder, Disp

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