Ice,Bucket,/apocalyptically81704.html,Hammered,Design,HUMINGG,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,$24,Bottles,Round,Bucket,Home,Ice $24 HUMINGG Ice Bucket Round Hammered Design Ice Bucket Bottles Home Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining HUMINGG free Ice Bucket Round Design Hammered Home Bottles Ice,Bucket,/apocalyptically81704.html,Hammered,Design,HUMINGG,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,,$24,Bottles,Round,Bucket,Home,Ice HUMINGG free Ice Bucket Round Design Hammered Home Bottles $24 HUMINGG Ice Bucket Round Hammered Design Ice Bucket Bottles Home Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

HUMINGG free free Ice Bucket Round Design Hammered Home Bottles

HUMINGG Ice Bucket Round Hammered Design Ice Bucket Bottles Home


HUMINGG Ice Bucket Round Hammered Design Ice Bucket Bottles Home

Product description

Material: Stianless Steel
Color: Rose Gold
Capacity: 1L
Size: Upper mouth diameter: 11cm/4.33inch, Base diameter: 10cm/3.94inch, Height: 12cm/4.72inch
Package Includes:
1 Piece Stainless Steel Ice Bucket

HUMINGG Ice Bucket Round Hammered Design Ice Bucket Bottles Home



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