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Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner Fan Q Super Ice Cooler 35% OFF San Antonio Mall

Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner Fan, Ice Fan Air Cooler Super Q


Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner Fan, Ice Fan Air Cooler Super Q

Product Description



Blowing cooling air in a small scale, meet your personal need, environmental, money saving.

Humidifying the air, keep you away from dry air.

With two ice boxs and humidifier, it can provide an obvious stronger cooling effect than other ordinary mini ac units.

Has 3-speed settings and the angle of the air vent is adjustable, you can choose the most comfortable mode.

Built with 2000mAh rechargeable battery, make it possible to use it anywhere you want.

With USB TPYC-C port charging port, you can easily charge it by power bank, USB charger, car charge, etc.

TESECU personal air cooler fan is an ideal choice for the environmentalist. Different from the traditional air conditioners, this portable mini air cooler fan will not produce any harmful refrigerant. And it is very low energy consumption.


Portable Outdoor Air Conditioner Fan, Ice Fan Air Cooler Super Q



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