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Industrial Machinery Mover 12T Large-scale sale Duty Rapid rise 26400lb Heavy Mov

Industrial Machinery Mover, 12T 26400lb Heavy Duty Machinery Mov


Industrial Machinery Mover, 12T 26400lb Heavy Duty Machinery Mov

Product description

This machinery mover works great. The wheels roll smoothly and easily. The rollers on each one make it easy to turn the mover with a load on it. The skates allow you to easily move the machine into position to be required.


Material Type: Cast steel + PU

The max load: 12T (26,400 lbs / 120000 kg)

Normal load: 6T (13,200 lbs / 6000kg)

Cap: 360 degree rotation

Rollers £¨wheels£Quantity: 8

Roller Size: 3.14 x 2.75inch (8 x 7cm)

Base (L x W): 12.1 x 8.3 inch (30.7 x 21.1 cm)

Load Capacity: Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.7 x 8.8 x 4.3inch (50 x 22.5x 11cm)

Product Weight: 27.5KG


The machinery mover is an excellent tool for warehousing, distribution, transportation that are requested to move many large heavy items. It can also used at home if you need. Ideal for industrial and commercial applications. By using steering arms which can be easily made to attach to the front or rear upper cross bar, heavy loads can be maneuvered into tight areas with ease.


1 X 12T Machinery Mover

Industrial Machinery Mover, 12T 26400lb Heavy Duty Machinery Mov

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