$30 YUESUO UF-R118 Wall Mounted Thermometer for Adults, Non-Contact Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect YUESUO,UF-R118,Adults,,$30,Wall,Non-Contact,Thermometer,/capturable437142.html,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,Mounted,for,ramgopalcollege.com $30 YUESUO UF-R118 Wall Mounted Thermometer for Adults, Non-Contact Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect YUESUO UF-R118 Wall Mounted for Thermometer Adults Rare Non-Contact YUESUO,UF-R118,Adults,,$30,Wall,Non-Contact,Thermometer,/capturable437142.html,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,Mounted,for,ramgopalcollege.com YUESUO UF-R118 Wall Mounted for Thermometer Adults Rare Non-Contact

YUESUO UF-R118 Wall Mounted for Thermometer Adults Rare depot Non-Contact

YUESUO UF-R118 Wall Mounted Thermometer for Adults, Non-Contact


YUESUO UF-R118 Wall Mounted Thermometer for Adults, Non-Contact

Product Description

Wall mounted thermometer


The wall mounted infrared thermometer is equipped with an advanced sensitive probe, which can provide high-precision body temperature within a few seconds, without touching and keeping a certain distance to read the temperature. It can be fixed in offices, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, apartments, hotels, train stations, community centers and building entrances.

K3 Wall mounted thermometer K3Pro Wall mounted thermometer K9 Wall mounted thermometer R118 special bracket FC-R100 Forehead Thermometer IT-121 Forehead Thermometer
K3 Wall mounted thermometer K3Pro Wall mounted thermometer K9 Wall mounted thermometer UFR118 special bracket FC-IR100 Forehead Thermometer IT-121 Forehead Thermometer
Infrared thermometer
Non-contact thermometer
Wall mounted thermometer X X
Bracket installation X X
Fever Alarm
℃/℉ Switchable
Disinfection dispenser X X X X X

YUESUO UF-R118 Wall Mounted Thermometer for Adults, Non-Contact

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