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Edison String Lights 25 Foot Spiral Black G50 Wire 100% quality warranty! Max 69% OFF

Edison String Lights (25 Foot Black Wire, G50 Spiral Edison)


Edison String Lights (25 Foot Black Wire, G50 Spiral Edison)

Product Description

Our high quality Edison string lights beautifully transform your space for year round enjoyment. This 25 foot café light set is perfect for accent lighting indoors or outside. Create a boho bedroom, light up your porch, or add ambiance to your patio. The soft golden glow of vintage style Edison string lights adds charm and sophistication to any space. Perfect for weddings, events, and home decor, your string lights will be the highlight in any setting. Set the mood with us!

High Quality Outdoor String Lights

String Light Specifications

  • 25 Foot Light string with 25 C9/E17 base sockets spaced every 12 inches
  • Length of wire from plug to first light bulb is 6 inches
  • Manufactured with high quality UL tested wire, plugs and sockets.
  • Polarized plug with built in fuse for safety, spare fuse included
  • Heavy Duty 18 gauge SPT-1W outdoor wire (840 watts max)
  • 25 G50 Spiral Edison bulbs with C9/E17 nickel base
  • G50 Spiral Edison bulbs are 2” wide by 2” tall
  • G50 light bulbs are 7 watts each, Kelvin temperature 2700
  • 130 Volt bulbs for longer life, average bulb life is 3,000 hours.
  • For Indoor and outdoor use. Made to withstand rain, sleet, snow, and sun.
  • Glass bulbs will never fade or discolor, suitable for year round use.
  • Our Edison light bulbs give off a beautiful soft amber glow
  • If one bulb burns out the rest stay lit

Durable Outdoor Lighting

String lights designed for outdoor durability.  Hometown Evolution, Inc. is an American company that has been providing durable outdoor lighting solutions for 15 years. Our lights withstand the elements and can be left outside year round in rain, snow, sleet, or sun. High quality outdoor SPT-1W wire and water tight sockets combine for ultimate weatherproof lighting.Our glass bulbs will never fade or discolor. Hometown Evolution string lights hang tough outdoors from the Caribbean to Canada. Whether your climate endures intense heat or intense cold Hometown Evolution lights can handle the weather.

Light Up Your Life

Create an intimate atmosphere for all types of gatherings with Hometown Evolution lights. Perfect to set the mood over an outdoor dance floor or illuminate those special moments on your big day.

Hometown Evolution string lights are a convenient and versatile lighting solution for parties, weddings, or even low key backyard barbeques. No matter what the occasion, our string lights are sure to set the perfect mood.

Transform any area into a personal paradise and enjoy an enchanting evening under the warm glow of Hometown Evolution string lights. 

Edison String Lights (25 Foot Black Wire, G50 Spiral Edison)

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