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Max 45% OFF Summer Cone Manufacturer OFFicial shop Ice Cream Shape Sili Fondant Mousse Soap Mold

Summer Cone Ice Cream Shape Mousse Fondant Mold, Soap Mold, Sili


Summer Cone Ice Cream Shape Mousse Fondant Mold, Soap Mold, Sili

Product description

product description

product information
Name: Dessert Ice Cream Mousse Fondant Mold Silicone Cake Fondant Mold Ice Cream Mold Chocolate Mold
Size: 6.8*5.6*2.1CM
Weight: about 40g
Random Color
Material: Silicone.
Withstand temperature: -40~230 degrees Celsius
Uses: cake, bread, mousse, jelly, prepared food standards, chocolate, etc.
It can be used safely in ovens, microwaves, dishwashers and refrigerators.
Kitchen supplies, baking utensils; non-toxic, tasteless and easy to clean.
Silicone mold*2
What are you waiting for? Buy one now, hurry up! Limited quantity! Start making your own cupcake explosion bath salt now!

Summer Cone Ice Cream Shape Mousse Fondant Mold, Soap Mold, Sili

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