$50 Topeakmart 5 Tier Storage Rack Heavy Duty Shelf Shelving Unit an Home Kitchen Storage Organization Heavy,Storage,/diplex82328.html,Tier,5,Topeakmart,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,an,$50,ramgopalcollege.com,Unit,Shelf,Shelving,Duty,Rack Topeakmart 5 Tier Storage Rack Max 47% OFF Heavy Shelf Unit an Shelving Duty Heavy,Storage,/diplex82328.html,Tier,5,Topeakmart,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,an,$50,ramgopalcollege.com,Unit,Shelf,Shelving,Duty,Rack Topeakmart 5 Tier Storage Rack Max 47% OFF Heavy Shelf Unit an Shelving Duty $50 Topeakmart 5 Tier Storage Rack Heavy Duty Shelf Shelving Unit an Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Topeakmart 5 Tier Storage Rack Max 47% OFF Heavy Shelf Unit Max 71% OFF an Shelving Duty

Topeakmart 5 Tier Storage Rack Heavy Duty Shelf Shelving Unit an


Topeakmart 5 Tier Storage Rack Heavy Duty Shelf Shelving Unit an

Product Description

Installation Manual


This boltless storage shelf is a very universal and strong garage shelf. Boltless design is for convenient assembly. It can be disassembled to save more space and for convenient transport.

The shelves can be adjusted to fit various items so it can be used for storage or display. It can be used in the warehouse, garage, supermarket, balcony, kitchen, etc.

Material and Usage

  • ADJUSTABLE SHELVES HEIGHT: meet your different needs

  • MULTIPLE USES: storage shelves amp; shelving unit perfect for use in kitchen, office, supermarkets, warehouses etc.

  • BOLTLESS amp; EYE CONSTRUCTION: easy build, a rubber mallet recommended for assembly (rubber mallet not included)



  • PERFECT SIZE: 59.1 x 27.6 x 11.8’’ (HxWxDepth)

  • STURDY MDF BOARDS: 8mm thick E1 MDF

  • HEAVY DUTY SHELVES: max load capacity: 330 lb per shelf

Other features


It has a load capacity of 330lbs per shelf (evenly distributed)

Sturdy iron frame

Slotted construction

Rubber feet for stability amp; floor protection

Topeakmart 5 Tier Storage Rack Heavy Duty Shelf Shelving Unit an

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