Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Gifts LCD A606F A60 Display LCD,,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Display,/dispersedness82478.html,Replacement,Galaxy,Samsung,A60,A606F,Screen,$38,for,LCD LCD,,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,Display,/dispersedness82478.html,Replacement,Galaxy,Samsung,A60,A606F,Screen,$38,for,LCD $38 Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy A60 A606F LCD Display LCD Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $38 Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy A60 A606F LCD Display LCD Cell Phones Accessories Accessories Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Gifts LCD A606F A60 Display

Screen Popular popular Replacement for Samsung Galaxy Gifts LCD A606F A60 Display

Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy A60 A606F LCD Display LCD


Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy A60 A606F LCD Display LCD

Product description

Welcome to YHX-US Store to Purchase Products!

Compatible With:LCD For Samsung Galaxy A60 A606F M40 M405F

Installtion Note:

(1). The product is fragile and fragile, so please be careful when opening the package and installing it.

(2). Please turn off the power of the mobile phone before installation, and carry out the simulation test of static mode.

(3). Test before installation, we recommend professional installers to install; if you want to try your own operation, you can consult the seller to get the installation video or go to YouTube to find the installation video.

(4). The tool provided by the seller is a general installation tool, if you need a professional installation tool, you need to purchase it separately.

(5). When or after installing the screen, there may be lines, white spots, black screens and other mobile phone problems on the screen. Please do not panic, contact the seller in time or carefully disassemble the product and then reinstall and restart the phone.

(6). If you have any questions, please contact the seller through Amazon Message in time, please do not contact the platform directly, the platform may not be able to give you a direct solution.

Package Included:

1- Exquisite Gift Box

1-Display For Samsung Galaxy A60 A606F M40 M405F

1-Screen Protector

1-Alcohol Pack


Screen Replacement for Samsung Galaxy A60 A606F LCD Display LCD

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