Checkered,Large,Fabric,Foldable,,$23,Storage,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Bin,,senya,/doest437579.html,Vintage,Stora $23 senya Large Foldable Storage Bin, Vintage Checkered Fabric Stora Home Kitchen Storage Organization senya Large Foldable Storage Bin Vintage Checkered Fabric Stora Soldering Checkered,Large,Fabric,Foldable,,$23,Storage,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Bin,,senya,/doest437579.html,Vintage,Stora $23 senya Large Foldable Storage Bin, Vintage Checkered Fabric Stora Home Kitchen Storage Organization senya Large Foldable Storage Bin Vintage Checkered Fabric Stora Soldering

senya Large Foldable Outstanding Storage Bin Vintage Checkered Fabric Stora Soldering

senya Large Foldable Storage Bin, Vintage Checkered Fabric Stora


senya Large Foldable Storage Bin, Vintage Checkered Fabric Stora

Product description

Package Quantity:2

The storage bin can add some fun to your daily life,a laundry basket with a special personalized pattern is perfect for your family organizing and storing clothes, shoes, toys, pet products, toiletry storage, laundry clothes, bedsheet, sport gears, many other uses Specifications: Material: Durable Canvas Size: DIMENSION: 15(L) x 11 (W) x 9.5 (H) inches The storage bin adopted collapsible design, Reinforced carry handle, portable for using and moving conveniently Washing tips:Wipe clean only.Do not use washing machine to clean the bag, it will damage the waterproof coating If for any reason you are not happy with your shopping, please contact us in time,we'll do our best to solve your problem

senya Large Foldable Storage Bin, Vintage Checkered Fabric Stora

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