Tongue,2,$290,321045,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,1/4,,AWG,,Ring,PIDG,Terminal,,-,14,,Seri,/emetocathartic371838.html,mm²,,M6, $290 321045 - Ring Tongue Terminal, M6, 1/4, 14 AWG, 2 mm², PIDG Seri Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical 321045 - Ring Tongue Terminal M6 Max 49% OFF 1 PIDG mm² 4 AWG 2 14 Seri $290 321045 - Ring Tongue Terminal, M6, 1/4, 14 AWG, 2 mm², PIDG Seri Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Tongue,2,$290,321045,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,1/4,,AWG,,Ring,PIDG,Terminal,,-,14,,Seri,/emetocathartic371838.html,mm²,,M6, 321045 - Ring Tongue Terminal M6 Max 49% OFF 1 PIDG mm² 4 AWG 2 14 Seri

321045 - Ring Tongue Terminal M6 Max 49% OFF 1 PIDG mm² 4 AWG 2 14 55% OFF Seri

321045 - Ring Tongue Terminal, M6, 1/4, 14 AWG, 2 mm², PIDG Seri


321045 - Ring Tongue Terminal, M6, 1/4, 14 AWG, 2 mm², PIDG Seri

Product description

The PIDG series Fork/Spade Tongue Terminal designed for uniform reliability in the most difficult circuit environments. They consist of a tin-plated copper or tin-plated phosphor bronze body for spring spades, plus a copper and coloured insulation sleeve fitted over a terminal barrel. The specialized design of tool dies and the construction of the terminal allows for uniform insulation thickness under crimping pressure, transmitting this pressure evenly to the centre of the crimping area. The body has serrations for maximum contact and tensile strength. The insulation sleeves and the corresponding tooling are colour-coded by wire-size for easier identification

  • PIDG terminals have copper sleeve for improved wire insulation support
  • Specific tooling dedicated for different volumes or circumstances is available

    Applications: Sensing amp; Instrumentation, Lighting, Power Management, Logistics, Motor Drive amp; Control, Defence, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics

  • Specifications:

    • Stud Size - Metric: M6
    • Stud Size - Imperial: 1/4"
    • Wire Size AWG Max: 14AWG
    • Conductor Area CSA: 2mm²
    • Product Range: PIDG Series
    • Insulator Colour: Blue
    • Insulator Material: Nylon (Polyamide)

    Product Information:

    • RoHS Compliant: Yes
    • RoHS Phthalates Compliant: To be advised
    • SVHC: No SVHC (15-Jan-2018)

    321045 - Ring Tongue Terminal, M6, 1/4, 14 AWG, 2 mm², PIDG Seri

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