Thunder Group - 24"" x 18"" L Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Roaster Aluminum w Double Straps Thunder,L,Roaster,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,-,Group,,/explore1929612.html,24"",x,w/Straps,Aluminum,$101,Double,18"" $101 Thunder Group - 24"" x 18"" Aluminum Double Roaster w/Straps L Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Thunder Group - 24"" x 18"" L Popular shop is the lowest price challenge Roaster Aluminum w Double Straps $101 Thunder Group - 24"" x 18"" Aluminum Double Roaster w/Straps L Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Thunder,L,Roaster,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,-,Group,,/explore1929612.html,24"",x,w/Straps,Aluminum,$101,Double,18""

Thunder Group - 24

Thunder Group - 24"" x 18"" Aluminum Double Roaster w/Straps L


Thunder Group - 24"" x 18"" Aluminum Double Roaster w/Straps L

Product description

Brought to you by Thunder Group, this Aluminum Double Roaster w/Straps amp; Lugs (ALRP9604) has a strap, lugs, and two durable handles for easy transport. How about a beautiful sirloin tip roast, complete with roasted potatoes and root vegetables? This double roasting pan will deliver, distributing heat evenly and sealing in moisture to produce a perfect and flavorful roast. Additionally, top or bottom sections work equally well as individual open pan roasters. Made with rounded corners and a smooth surface for easy cleaning, this roasting pan is ideal for any commercial kitchen.

Thunder Group - 24"" x 18"" Aluminum Double Roaster w/Straps L

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