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Decorlaser Online limited product Don't miss the campaign Smiley Sky Projector Night Game R Light for Bedrooms

Decorlaser Smiley Sky Projector, Night Light for Bedrooms Game R


Decorlaser Smiley Sky Projector, Night Light for Bedrooms Game R

Product description

Want to make your room TikTok worthy?

The Smiley Sky Projector produces a beautiful night sky effect with sparkling stars and wavy clouds, creating a romantic, intimate and cozy atmosphere. Ideal for decorating parties, ballads, theme parties, birthdays, bedrooms and spas.

Try turning on the Smiley Sky Projector in the children's room at bedtime, the beautiful and colorful clouds and the stars will help your child to catch a peaceful and restful sleep. This is because the lamp was specially designed so that the brightness does not affect the vision when lying down, much less, it disturbs at the time of sleep. Bedtime has never been this easy

Imagine being able to relax at home under a beautiful sky after a long day of work? The Smiley Sky will change the vibe of your room/house and make it easier to distress


TIMER: Through the TIMER adjustment button, you can customize the projection operating time.

BRIGHTNESS: Through the brightness adjustment knob, you adjust / customize the “strength” of the light you want for your environment (weak, strong or medium).

SPEED: With the speed adjustment button, you decide whether you want to program the look for static or moving mode. If your lights flash and the speed of movement.

COLORS: 10 color possibilities at your disposal (LED) and green stars (LASER)

Decorlaser Smiley Sky Projector, Night Light for Bedrooms Game R

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