N A QD27J 27 Inch Full HD 1080 Max 77% OFF LCD 1920 Curved Monitor to Up $326 N / A QD27J 27 Inch Full HD LCD Curved Monitor, 1920 1080 Up to Electronics Computers Accessories N A QD27J 27 Inch Full HD 1080 Max 77% OFF LCD 1920 Curved Monitor to Up LCD,Electronics , Computers Accessories,A,ramgopalcollege.com,Full,1080,/,Up,1920,QD27J,Curved,Monitor,,/flicflac1930234.html,to,HD,N,Inch,$326,27 LCD,Electronics , Computers Accessories,A,ramgopalcollege.com,Full,1080,/,Up,1920,QD27J,Curved,Monitor,,/flicflac1930234.html,to,HD,N,Inch,$326,27 $326 N / A QD27J 27 Inch Full HD LCD Curved Monitor, 1920 1080 Up to Electronics Computers Accessories

N A QD27J 27 Inch Full HD 1080 Max 77% OFF LCD 1920 Curved Monitor to Up 1 year warranty

N / A QD27J 27 Inch Full HD LCD Curved Monitor, 1920 1080 Up to


N / A QD27J 27 Inch Full HD LCD Curved Monitor, 1920 1080 Up to

Product description


Compact size and lightweight, easy for carry.

MVA screen display, rich color, helps upgrade gaming experience.

Adopts intelligent software technology, control the blue ray in safe range, reduce harmful short wave blue ray, care your eyes.

16:9 wide proportion with 178 degrees wide angle, makes you feel like in cinema.

Multi port design, support connecting with different devices.


Type: 27 inch display

Screen type: MVA

Interface type: HDMI interface, VGA

Wide angle: 178 degrees

Screen proportion: 16:9

Best resolution: 1920 * 1080

Contrast ratio: 100000:1

Response speed: 2 (ms)

Package include:


1*power adapter

1*HDMI cable



1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

2. Please allow slight deviation for the measurement data and make sure you do not mind before ordering.

N / A QD27J 27 Inch Full HD LCD Curved Monitor, 1920 1080 Up to

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